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Updated: Feb 4, 2020

Have you ever wondered why WCA adopted a uniform as part of its dress code?

Although there are a number of considerations, the simple answer is this: because we are at school to learn, we want everything about the school day to support that goal, including student dress.

Here are some of the ways we see that playing out:

  • A uniform provides a simple guard against distraction. The clothes themselves do not get in the way of tasks like writing, reading, raising hands, or participating in gym, and a student’s concern about what he or she is wearing or what others are wearing does not get in the way of focus on schoolwork.

  • A uniform dress code is simpler to enforce, which means that teachers can spend their time teaching and not debating over dress code infractions or filling out dress code violation paperwork. We hope you will find a corollary ease at home—simpler laundry and simpler preparation for the school day as “what to wear” is a simple question to answer.

  • We love that our students come from a variety of home situations, but when they are at Windsor, they are on equal footing as students. Uniforms reinforce this truth—at school the girl whose tuition is paid by her family’s millions and the girl whose tuition is paid by financial aid scholarships wear the same jumper while they memorize the same math facts and, we hope and pray, learn to love the same Lord.

  • While school may seem like a matter of the mind alone, the fact is God made us people with material bodies, and our minds and hearts are affected by what our bodies do. Bodies in pajamas encourage minds to be sleepy, but bodies in neat, formal uniforms encourage minds to think clearly and work hard. As a carpenter puts on his hardhat, a businessman puts on his tie, and a baker puts on his apron, our students put on their work clothes and go about the business of learning.

Don't forget! You can find everything you need to know about the uniform and dress code on our website.

(photos of WCA uniforms available through Lands' End)

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