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The Fall in Review, Part 4: Staff Updates

Mrs. O'Toole's newspaper class, a middle school elective, has been learning about all aspects of journalism. This "Fall in Review" series will feature articles on life at Windsor during the fall of 2019 as reported by students in the newspaper elective.

Mr. Glass

by Maria M.

In August of 2019, Mr. Timothy Glass, a longtime teacher here at Windsor, stepped up

to become interim principal. Mr. Glass has been teaching at Windsor for 19 years, and Mr. Glass said that he probably had the right experience to become principal. His career started in September of 2000, when a woman named Lois Rachen introduced Windsor Christian Academy to him.

Getting to know him

Favorite color: orange

Job before his teaching career: lifeguard and swim instructor

Favorite food: pasta

Favorite animal: rat

Favorite place he has ever been too: Australia

What school he went to: West Chester University

Favorite author: C. S. Lewis

Favorite movie(s): Rocky

We're thrilled that since this article was written, Mr. Glass has been appointed the official principal of WCA! Think you know Mr. Glass now? Take our quiz to find out.

Mrs. Clemmer

by Erin R.

Meet Mrs. Kelly Clemmer, the student teacher with Mrs. Hendrickson. She loves being a teacher so far. She has one child that is one year old whom she loves with all her heart.

Mrs. Clemmer has many different hobbies, including spending time with family, gardening, and sewing.

Mrs. Clemmer has always loved seeing the kids' faces when they finally get the concept. She just loves to teach kids. When she started, she taught art and middle school math. She also taught Tae Kwon Do and cheerleading.

This is Mrs. Clemmer's second teaching job. She taught for four years. She loves her class and thinks the most important thing to teach a child is to teach them about God. She has experience with teaching children new things and seeing them grow over the years.

As you know, Mrs. Clemmer has since taken a position as full-time fourth grade teacher! Get to know her here.

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