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Fall in Review, Part 3: Trunk or Treat

Mrs. O'Toole's newspaper class, a middle school elective, has been learning about all aspects of journalism. This "Fall in Review" series will feature articles on life at Windsor during the fall of 2019 as reported by students in the newspaper elective.

Trunk or Treat

by Charlotte Y.

Windsor Christian Preschool and Academy have a thrilling event called “Trunk or Treat.” Trunk or Treat has been annual since 2012. The objective of Trunk or Treat is to decorate a trunk in a car to an optional theme and hand out candy to kids who walk around in costumes. Three trunks won the competition: the Spiderman trunk, The Wizard of Oz trunk, and the love bug trunk. The Spiderman trunk had black and yellow buildings with a large spiderman balloon on top of the trunk. The Wizard of Oz was run by senior citizens dressed up as characters from The Wizard of Oz, such as Dorothy. The love bug was a Volkswagen bug decorated with pumpkins and flowers. There were several moon-bounces, popcorn, hot dogs, and more. The outdoor, two-hour event had music being played by Mr. Schroeder. This event was very successful, having over seventeen thousand pieces of candy donated.

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