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The Fall in Review, Part 2: School Carnival, Shoe Drive

Mrs. O'Toole's newspaper class, a middle school elective, has been learning about all aspects of journalism. This "Fall in Review" series will feature articles on life at Windsor during the fall of 2019 as reported by students in the newspaper elective.


Layla B.

On September 15th, Windsor Christian Academy started a brand new and fun tradition, the School Carnival! The Windsor community put a huge amount of time and hard work into making this exciting new school event happen.

Mrs. DeBolt says that one year ago she had an idea that it would be fun to watch teachers and parents get dunked in a dunk tank. She spoke to Mr. Glass about it, and it hit off from there.

At the entrance of the carnival, Mrs. Catranis and Mrs. Sebra were distributing bags to everyone and telling people about the shoe fundraiser. “It’s an invite for students to bring in shoes in good shape, that Windsor is getting paid for by the pound. These shoes will get repaired and will be sent to people in other countries,” Mrs. Sebra explained.

The dunk tank happened to be a big attraction. “It was so cold!” exclaimed Mrs. Willenbrock. Many excited students lined up to try and dunk the teachers. “I wanted payback for all of the homework Mrs. Willenbrock gave me!” one student chided. “I thought it was super hard to hit the target,” said another.

The Carnival was a blast for all attendees.

For the full carnival photo album, visit our Facebook page.

Windsor Shoe Drive

by Jacob M.

On October 1, 2019, it was announced that Windsor Christian Academy is conducting a shoe drive to raise money for the new WCA building. This has been organized by Mrs. Amanda Sebra, mother of a seventh grader here at Windsor. The students were encouraged to donate new or lightly used shoes to help raise money for WCA's new building. Our shoe goal is 2,500 pairs of shoes, and we currently have 2,325. Every chapel Zach S. and his helper Eli D. have been giving the school updates on the shoe drive. Teachers have given students and parents pamphlets to give to their family and friends. Please donate your shoes and support the school.

Learn more about the building project here--check out the design, follow specific prayer requests, and donate online.

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