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Fall in Review, Part 1: Highlander Basketball

Mrs. O'Toole's newspaper class, a middle school elective, has been learning about all aspects of journalism. This "Fall in Review" series will feature articles on life at Windsor during the fall of 2019 as reported by students in the newspaper elective.

Windsor Christian Academy Basketball Team

by Evan H.

The Windsor Christian Academy basketball team is up and running again. The season starts with the first practice on November 4, 2019, ending on February 22, 2020, after the basketball team banquet. The team’s practices and home games will both take place at Hopewell United Methodist Church in Downingtown. Windsor Christian Academy will provide transportation to practices, but parents will be responsible for picking their child up from the practice facility. Practices will occur every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Games will transpire either on Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday in place of the practice for that day.

There have been many new additions to the basketball team, including the new head coach Mr. Ed Schwabenland. On October 8, when the basketball team met Mr. Schwabenland for the first time, he announced, "I am very excited for this year’s basketball team, and I think this is going to be a good group of kids.” He also noted that based on last year’s basketball team, "we can only improve this year.” He even stated that he thought "we will win quite a few games and do very well as long as each team member plays their heart out.” As the Windsor Christian Academy basketball team begin their second season, they intend to work hard and do their best to win and glorify God.

Congratulations to the Highlanders for their first ever basketball win shortly after the completion of this article! Don't miss the remainder of the season: games are listed on the event calendar.

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